How To Measure Bra Size?

Do you know your how to measure bra size? And not wearing an ill-fitting bra? Have you ever thought that wearing an ill-fitting bra may cause many health issues like back pain or more than you have ever expected? Most girls wear ill-fitting bras, which cause neck pain and other illnesses; sometimes, they lose their busts. With an ill-fitting bra, you won’t get the body shape that girls nowadays want. The main reason behind this situation is needing to know the bra size properly. You and many women also need to learn how to measure bra size. Most girls wear any bra without considering size to look more attractive.

Now the question is how to measure bra size. And what do we need to measure bra size? Most women don’t know how to measure bra size. So it’s very easy to measure your bra size as you need tape and a mirror. Just put yourself in front of the mirror and measure your band and bra size with measuring tape. Measuring the exact size of your bra becomes very easy when you know about the band size and the cup size. Ensure the cup or band size is part of the bra size measurement. The process of bra measurement only needs a measuring tape or a mirror where you can also look at yourself or analyze the bra fitting you want. Firstly, you need to measure your band size, which is under the bust, and the cup size, which is over the bust, to measure your cup size. 

Indian Bra Size Calculator

Each country has different measuring methods to measure bra size, and we will talk about the Indian bra size calculator. Wearing a well-fitting bra saves your body from having health issues related to your back or does not make you as uncomfortable as you feel while wearing a non-fitted bra. Nowadays, most women are wearing non-fitting bras. Some women are measuring bra size incorrectly with the help of measuring tape. Beginners girls are wearing the wrong size bras, just for the looking, but these things may cause an issue, and you will get unnatural breasts. Your bra size should be exact. It should be preserved, and it should not be tight. With a tight bra, you may cause breathing issues, squeeze and reduce its size. Also, you can’t wear a tight bra daily, which will be uncomfortable and painful. With a loose bra, you may cause sagging tissues in your breasts. That’s why need to calculate bra size exactly.

You can avoid all the illnesses which cause an issue when you are wearing the wrong size bra with the help of the Femposh Bra size measuring method. You can measure your bra size yourself without needing any help. Collect the measuring tape and mirror to measure correctly with the method below. Not only the calculator but the process of bra size calculator also gets easier when you follow the guidelines for using our Bra size calculator. Also, check out the best stylish bra from our store that matches your bra size. But to get started in bra size measurement? Just relax, as it’s an easy process to measure bra size. Just follow them one by one. You need to measure your band size first, and after it, you need to measure cup size. So let’s calculate bra size.

Indian Bra Size Chart

Bra Measurement in inches

(In inches)
OVER BUST (In inches)
28 23-24 28-29 29-30 30-31 31-32
30 25-26 30-31 31-32 32-33 33-34
32 27-28 32-33 33-34 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38
34 29-30 34-35 35-36 36-37 37-38 38-39 39-40
36 31-32 36-37 37-38 38-39 39-40 40-41 41-42
38 33-34 38-39 39-40 40-41 41-42 42-43 43-44
40 35-36 40-41 41-42 42-43 43-44 44-45 45-46
42 37-38 42-43 43-44 44-45 45-46 46-47 47-48
44 39-40 44-45 45-46 46-47 47-48 48-49 49-50
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Bra Measurement in cm

OVER BUST (cm/m)
28 58.5-63.5 71-73.5 73.5-76 76-78.5 78.5-81
30 63.5-68.5 76-78.5 78.5-81 81-83.5 83.5-86
32 68.5-73.5 81-83.5 83.5- 86 86- 89 89-91.5 91.5-94 94-96.5
34 73.5-78.5 86-89 89-91.5 91.5-94 94-96.5 96.5-99 99-1.01m
36 78.5-84 91.5-94 94-96.5 96.5-99 99cm-1.01m 1.01-1.04m 1.04-1.06m
38 84-89 96.5-99 99-1.01m 1.01-1.04m 1.04-1.06m 1.06-1.09m 1.09-1.11m
40 89-94 1.01-1.04m 1.04-1.06m 1.06-1.09m 1.09-1.11m 1.11-1.14m 1.14-1.16m
42 94-99 1.06-1.09m 1.09-1.11m 1.11-1.14m 1.14-1.16m 1.16-1.19m 1.19-1.21m
44 99-1.04 1.11-1.14m 1.14-1.16m 1.16-1.19m 1.19-1.21m 1.22-1.24m 1.24-1.27m
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Step 1: How To Measure Your Band Size?

  1. First, take the measuring tape around to your underbust and ensure that tape is fit. If you give too much space or tighten the tape, change out your bra size.
  2. Write the number that arrives on tape where you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether you get it into a decimal form or not.
  3. Therefore, a certain situation arrives, like getting measurement in decimal, then, in this case, choosing the whole number nearest to the number.
  4. Here, we have figured out the right band size. Now it’s time to measure your cup size by which the process of bra size measurement gets completed.

Step 2: How To Measure The Overbust ( Cup Size )?

  1. Just like we measure the band size, measuring cup size is quite different. Here the measuring tape must be coming over your overbust properly.
  2. If you get a measurement number without a decimal, it’s good; otherwise, you can choose the nearest whole number of the decimal number you get. That’s an easy way to get the exact cup size and not affect your bra size.
  3. After getting the exact measurement of your band size or the cup size, you can find out the proper bra size that makes you comfortable compared to a non-fitted bra.

What Things To Do To Get The Right Bra Size?

  1. Just keep in mind that this helps avoid the health issues you get while wearing an ill-fitting bra. You can understand and keep it in your mind while purchasing a bra, or it will also be helpful in your whole life whenever you buy any bra for yourself.
  2. Many beginner girls or women do not know the measurement period means at which time you measure the bra’s size. The size of your body may change from time to time, so I recommend you measure between 3 to 6 months in which your body gets many changes.
  3. A well-fitted bra that makes you comfortable or allows you to breathe, or reduce sagging feeling is the right bra size you should wear.
  4. While buying any bra for you, every girl wants complete breast coverage that they only get by choosing the right cup size. So make sure to know your cup size properly and then buy a bra.

How Do You Consider The A, B, C, & D System of Bra Sizes?

Did you know about the two types by which bra measurement is considered? Yes, two methods include the numbering system or the A B C & D that helps identify the difference between band size and cup size. These band or cup sizes are the point that helps in figuring out the exact bra size. A in bra size indicates the situation where you get a difference of 1 inch between the band size or the cup size. Just like this difference, B indicates the 2 inches gap, C refers to having a 3 inches difference, and D means you have a difference of 4 inches when you measure the band or cup size.

Which Bra is a Must Worn by Girls?

Many girls get confused about choosing the style of bra that provides the perfect shape to breasts or matches their bra size easily. Before selecting a bra from a variety of bras, if you choose to wear a wireless bra, your breasts must have a gap of 1 finger, which helps reduce situations of wire poking. On the other hand, two finger gap in your breasts allows you to wear any bra with wiring that fits perfectly on your bust.

Many women love to wear a bra that delivers high coverage to their breasts, saving them from coming out of the bra cups. So if you have round shape breasts, you should wear a bra with high coverage. It makes you comfortable and provides proper support in any outfit.

You know that the sagging breasts problem commonly occurs whenever you wear the wrong size bra. But there is a solution that avoids you from this problem wearing curvy side bras much bigger than cups D. Some girls do not prefer curvy side bras, so they also choose to wear minimizer bras that you can choose for you. But we suggest you wear the No sag bra, one of the best bras by which you get relief from sagging breasts. 

Benefits of Wearing The Right Bra

Hope you learn about how to measure bra size but now we will talk about benefits of wearing the right size bra? Have you ever considered the benefits you get while wearing the right bra size? Yes, many benefits work very amazingly, whether it is related to getting proper support or the appearance when you wear it under any outfit. Let’s discuss those benefits more briefly.

  1. Every girl or woman expects proper support for their breasts and shoulders; you can easily do this by wearing the right bra size.
  2. Confidence plays a very important role in boosting the best personality you can gain with a perfect bra.
  3. Sagging of your breast tissue is caused when you wear any wrong bra that can only get fixed by replacing the wrong bra with the right size bra.
  4.  Getting the best shape for breasts with a natural look is the priority of girls while wearing any bra, but make sure to choose only a well-fitting bra.
  5. Pain in the shoulder or back only happens when you wear the wrong bra, so avoid any discomfort or pain reduction by wearing that bra with the perfect size per your measurement.

After looking out the above benefits, you will get while wearing the right bra size. So you need to know about your bra size, and if you don’t know your size, you can use the FemPosh bra size calculator.

What Are The Signs of Wearing The Correct Bra Size?

The beginner girls who just started wearing the bra need to learn about the signs which show that they are not wearing a bra of the right size. It’s very common, but some girls fail to recognize it. That’s why we are providing you with some points that help in considering the bra size and whether it’s perfect for your busts.

First, you have to consider the cups of bra size where your breasts perfectly come under it. Some girls wear bras with fit band size, but their breasts are not getting fit in cups. So perfectly check out the cups of breasts comfort in it.

Falling or digging the straps from the shoulder is a common problem that you notice in your bra. Some girls like you wear a too-tight bra that digs in your shoulder but gets perfect on your busts; then you have to avoid this type of bra. Yes, this is considered a non-fitting bra as per your size.

Cups are not visible in the right shape when you wear a shirt or t-shirt over the bra, indicating the wrong size of your bra. If you wear a fitting bra, you get the perfect shape or appearance from your clothes. So considering the size or shape provided by cups of bra is also responsible for ill-fitting bras.

Some women are not able to consider any error in a bra by wearing them. Are you one like that who feels that bra is perfect per your size but feels comfortable? Then you can check yourself in seeing the mirror. Yes, wearing the bra or looking at yourself in the mirror helps analyze the area where you feel that bra is different from your size.


1. Which age is best to start wearing the bra?

The best age to start wearing the bra depends on the growth of your body or the breasts. The common changes that occur in girls’ breasts start at the age of 13, so you can start wearing from this age by looking after your body.

2. How often should you check the size of your bra?

You know that the body gets a change every six months due to a situation like illness or weight loss- or weight gain, so it’s best for you to measure your bra size in six months or maybe once in a year as many things cause a change in your breasts size to happen that period.

3. Does Bra Size or Cup Size Are Different?

Bra size differs from cup size, but most girls need to learn properly. Cup size considers the cup covering up your bust; meanwhile, the bra size is the whole measurement of your breasts, like underbust or busts. So let’s measure the bra size, which you may not know, and you can use our Femposh calculator that helps you consider the right size. You can calculate bra size with us.

4. Which is Considered Bigger in B & C Cup Size in Bra Form?

As we discussed earlier, the ABCD is the size form and has a difference in inches. But some girls purchase bras without considering the inches gap that we say is 32C or another measurement. Most girls need clarification, especially in the B or C bra size factor, on which size is bigger in both. A B cup refers to a difference of 2 inches, and a C cup refers to 3 inches difference between band size or cup size, so we can say that the C cup size is larger than the B cup s20.

5. What type of bra should you wear if you have a 30C bra size?

If you have a 30C bra size, you can choose various types of bras available in the market, like t-shirt bras, sports bras, plunge bras, and wireless bras per your outfit.

6. What signs indicate that the 32D bra is not the perfect size for you?

You can figure out the 32D is not per your size, including bulging of cups, wrinkles, or too much gap in cups. It may also be too tight when your size is over 32D, where you look too much tightness or straps dig into your shoulders.

7. Is it common having a 34A bra size or experience frequent changes in your measurements?

Yes, it’s very common for you to have changes in 34A bra size whenever you lose weight, have hormonal fluctuations, or many more things. That’s why you should measure yourself from time to time to check whether your 34A size change or not. 

8. What are the key differences in cup sizes between a 36B and a 38C?

One of the common differences between 36B and 38C is that 38C has a larger cup size than 36B. Meanwhile, the C cup size refers to 3 inches, or the B refers to 2 inches, which is smaller than C.

9. Is a 38DD bra bigger than a 36D bra size?

Many girls get confused about 38DD bra size or 36D, but it’s easy to say that 38DD is bigger. As you know, the cup size of both D and DD refers to increased cup volume. We can say that 38DD has a larger cup size than 36D.

10. Is washing a 40D bra decrease the flexibility or shape of cups?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a 40D bra or any other size; washing it gently with your hands doesn’t affect the shape or appearance of the cup.

11. What is the difference between 32, 34, and 36 bra sizes?

The common difference between these bra sizes depends on their band size. Meanwhile, the 32 bra size has a smaller band size, 34 band size, smaller than the 36 bra’s band size. All difference in these bras lies in the band size of the bra.

12. How to define the A, B, C, and D cup sizes in brief?

Bra size depends on the band or cup size measurement, which indicates A, B, C, and D cup sizes. Let’s start discussing these cups’ sizes in more detail.

  • A cup size: The smaller volume of breasts means having a 1-inch difference between the band size and the cup size.
  • B cup size: It’s larger than the A cup volume, wherever you see a difference of 2 inches while measuring.
  • C cup size: We understand this cup size has a larger breast volume. If you have 3 inches gap, then you choose a bra with a C cup size.
  • D cup size: This is considered the larger breast volume compared to previous cup terms of inches, this can be indicated as 4 inches difference in band size measurement.

You can choose the required cup size per your difference while calculating the correct bra size.