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Recently, Femposh began supplying lingeries throughout India. In our collections, you may find bras, knickers, bikinis, swimwear, sleepwear, and many other types of innerwears in India. Our innerwear collections are always current, and new groups are added daily. Femposh understands the needs of women and satisfies those needs. Although there are many innerwear retailers in India, our collections are created by our team to meet the needs of Indian ladies.

Femposh offers you pleasant textiles that are as soft as butter. Additionally, our fabrics are elastic, so they may dynamically conform to the curve of your body.

What is lingerie?

Women often wear lingerie, an item of clothing intended to be either seductive or enticing or to support and cover the body. Examples of everyday innerwear items are bras, panties, corsets, baby dolls, teddies, garter belts, and camisoles. Both men and women can choose from a wide selection of underwear. Women wear innerwear, often known as intimate attire or undergarments. There are numerous ways to sell women’s knickers. Innerwear is sold exclusively in specialised retail establishments. Typically, lingerie and apparel labelled “lingerie” are sold in these businesses. And one of India’s most incredible places to buy innerwear online is Femposh.

Innerwear items are often available in different styles and shapes, with a choice of fabrics, colours and patterns, such as animal prints and lace, and may include halter tops, cami knickers, bustiers, boyshorts, tap pants, chemises, babydolls, teddies, camis, corsets, corset-tops, garter-belts, thongs, g-strings, pasties, suspenders, leg-warmers and stockings. In our store, we offer you to buy bras, panties, babydoll dresses, women’s nightwear, sexy innerwear and many others.

Types of Lingeries:

Bikini: Bikini Panties are a type of panties that are typically worn as swimwear but can also be worn as underwear.  In warmer regions, they are also worn as outerwear. Low-cut bikini panties often have string sides and a low waist. You may purchase many sorts of bikinis from Femposh in our shop.

Boyshorts: Boyshorts are a pant used most often as undergarments. Innerwear panties and boyshorts have a similar silhouette. However, boyshorts have a higher waistline. Boyshorts are not now available for purchase in our store in India, but they will be available there shortly.

Bustier: A style of innerwear called a bustier is made to fit tightly against the body. The wearer can usually adjust the tightness of a bustier thanks to its adjustable fasteners. Bustiers are worn mainly by ladies and are frequently worn as outerwear.

Corsets: Traditional innerwear, such as corsets, was made to support and contour the torso. Corsets, however, are increasingly frequently made to be used as outerwear. Soon, you will be able to purchase corsets from our shop.

Lounge: Lounge Wear is a category of clothing meant to be comfy and appropriate for indoor use. Women generally don lounge clothing.

Nightwear: A category of clothes known as nightwear is intended to be worn while dozing off. Nightwear categories include pyjamas and baby dolls. In our shop, you can get innerwear or baby dolls that women use to sleep.

Stockings: A type of sock called stockings is often worn as outerwear. Silk, nylon, or similar materials are typically used to make stockings. A garter belt usually holds up stockings with a seam along the back.

Women’s Innerwear:

Many types of women’s innerwear bras are available, including full coverage, demi-cup, sports, bralettes, and more. Many of these designs include a pleasing profile and are built to offer support and comfort. You can choose the perfect bra depending on your unique requirements and tastes. Factors including fit, fabric, and style should be considered when selecting an innerwear bra. You can get Innerwear and other inner garments from our store from one of our enormous collections. We encourage you to leave. Purchase a Demi cup, sports, a patterned, or one of the many other styles available.

The bra’s fit is the most crucial factor to consider while buying one. You should pick a bra that fits you well and is the right size for the most support. Underwire ought to fit snugly and pleasantly. Underwire should also fit tightly against your body with no extra room. You should be able to locate an underwire bra that fits you comfortably because they come in various sizes and cup shapes. Based on the width of your band, choose a size. You should measure your bust and the bra cups you are trying on to determine the cup size. When purchasing innerwear from us, you can measure your size and check the size chart to achieve the ideal fit.

Another factor to take into account when buying innerwear is its style. There are many different types of bras, including push-ups, demi-cups, bows, and French-cut forms. Bow-adorned are adorable and feminine. French-cut is seductive and is available in many colours. Demi-cups are an excellent option for people who wish to display their cleavage. The bust is lifted and shaped by push-ups. There are numerous different styles of bras as well. When you purchase innerwear from our store, you have a variety of alternatives, including push-ups and demi-cups.

Types of Bra which you can buy from our store:

There are many types of innerwear to wear. You can learn about 5 different Types of innerwear that are mostly used.

T-shirt Bra: A particular style called a T-shirt bra is intended to be worn underneath form-fitting elastic shirts. It is manufactured with thicker and more supportive fabric than other types and is designed to provide a smooth and seamless appearance. For extra support, the cups are frequently moulded and feature an underwire. Many T-shirt bras also incorporate padding to give the breasts more lift and shape.

Push-up: A push-up bra is a style with underwire or padding to elevate and accentuate the breast’s look. It is intended to offer more lift and support, making more extensive, fuller breasts appear. Additionally, push-up can show off cleavage and provide more support for larger cup sizes. Our store has push-up bras for sale, which you can purchase.

Sports Bra: A particular style of bra for athletic exercise is known as a sports bra. It usually has a moisture-wicking fabric, giving the breasts more support while exercising. It is also intended to lessen breast movement and the discomfort that comes with breast bounce. You can buy sports bras from our store, which are available for sale.

Strapless: A style of bra called a strapless bra is made to be worn without straps. The bottom and sides of the cups often have a broad band of elastic material surrounding them to give support. It is intended to remain in place and offer sufficient support even without straps. Dresses, shirts, and other outfits that call for a strapless appearance are frequently worn with strapless bras. Our store has strapless bras for sale, which you may purchase.

Full Coverage: A full-coverage bra is a style of bra that completely encloses the breast. Usually, it has wide or close-set straps and large cups that hold the breasts. It could also contain side panels, a higher neckline, and boning for added structure and support. The full-coverage bra is made to offer the most support and coverage possible while also easing shoulder and back strain. Because it provides additional support and control, making it a fantastic option for larger cup sizes. From our store, you can purchase full-coverage bras that are offered for sale.

Convertible: Women’s undergarments with adjustable straps are referred to as convertible bras. With these bras, you may get a range of diverse appearances, including strapless, crisscrossed, and even halter. The straps can be altered to meet the wearer’s demands and style, so they are perfect for any outfit. A lot of convertible bras have detachable padding for more comfort and support. Our store offers convertible bras for sale, which you may purchase.

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